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Don't want to travel to the U.S.? Visit these Canadian cities instead

Recent events south of the border have a number of Canadians re-thinking their travel plans.


Recent events south of the border — including the travel bans implemented by the Trump administration — have a number of Canadians re-thinking their travel plans. If you would rather keep your dollars north of the 49th parallel, here are some dynamic Canadian substitutes for well-known American destinations.

U.S. location: San Francisco

Our equivalent: Vancouver

What you may miss in architectural charm you’ll get back in spades from Vancouver’s incredible natural beauty. While both of these temperate west-coast cities have vibrant Chinese communities with some of the best options for dim sum I’ve ever had,  Vancouver’s Granville Island is more charming than San Fran’s overly touristy Fisherman’s Wharf area.

U.S. location: Chicago

Our equivalent: Toronto


Toronto offers similar attractions to its sister lakefront city; an amazing aquarium, great sports teams and world-class museums, like the Aga Khan Museum of Islamic art and Muslim culture. While both cities offer distinct neighbourhoods for exploring, Toronto’s renowned ethnic diversity allows for a wider variety of cultural experiences.

U.S. location: Washington

Our equivalent: Ottawa


Cancel that DC Trump hotel reservation and book at the Chateau Laurier, named after a Canadian prime minister well known for his policies of conciliation. Although many of the Smithsonian museums are free, so are several of our national museums provided you visit during certain times. With a slate of events planned all year long, this is the time to visit our capital.

U.S. location: New Orleans

Our equivalent: Quebec City


Offering distinctive architecture and French cultural heritage, Quebec edges out New Orleans for the title of  the most European city in North America. Although Quebec City may not have the jazz scene that its southern sister does, the Quebec City Summer Festival running from July 6 through 16, 2017 will bring  world class music to the La Vieille Capitale.

U.S. location: Boston

Our equivalent: Halifax


These coastal cities have long histories welcoming immigrants who laid the foundations of their countries. While Boston’s historic North End is the spot for great Italian fare, Halifax’s North End has become the city’s most eclectic neighbourhood with a slew of hip eateries and bars. Forget the New England clam chowder and have a Nova Scotia lobster roll.

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