Quebec court fines ex-boyfriend $40,000 for publishing sex videos on Internet

LAVAL, Que. — A Quebec judge has fined a man more than $40,000 for publishing photos and videos online of himself and his ex-girlfriend engaging in sexual acts.

Superior Court Justice Sylviane Borenstein says in her ruling the man's actions were vile and the court was outraged.

Borenstein says she understands why the 20-year-old woman would feel betrayed and humiliated by her ex-boyfriend's actions.

The man had promised not to publish the videos and photos.

A seizure had to be conducted without warning at the man's apartment to remove the material from his computer.

The man is also not allowed to contact the woman in any way or come within a kilometre of her work or home.

He is also forbidden to publish photos or videos of the woman or talk about her online.

The names of the man and the woman cannot be released because of a publication ban.

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