Jesse eisenberg oscar-nominated geek

How do you feel, always being tapped for these nervous, fidgety roles?

Well, it's great because if you don't have inner conflict, then it's not an interesting character to play.

It's more interesting to me if the character feels conflicted, which may appear as discomfort or anger or may appear as sadness, so in this respect, I don't mind being tapped for that because that's what makes those characters interesting to me.

You also come off as smart -another nerdy quality.

My father is a professor and my mother is also a teacher and my girlfriend and friends are teachers so I suppose I come from an articulate background and that's what people see. I come from a background where it was important to be articulate and thoughtful.

I heard you play the drums.

I used to play the drums but I'm bad at it. I play the piano.

Trying to learn the drums made me realize why so many drummers are cokeheads. You need so much energy.

I don't like playing more than one song. It's tiring. So they do cocaine before they go on stage?

That makes sense. I wonder if you could trace the cocaine to the faster beats of the 80s. When cocaine became popular, did the drums become faster?

And like acid, Grateful Dead of course and then Phish, they take a lot of mushrooms, fans of that band Phish.

What's a role you'd want to play that's unlike anything you've done?

I write plays. When I write a play, I write for myself and it's a role I want to play but as an actor being hired by others, I've gotten to play much more interesting people and much more dimensional characters than I ever expected to play. I never thought I'd be in a movie like Adventureland, which is like a more traditional romantic movie. I was raised to not think of myself as a sexual being so to be in that surprised me.

I feel very fortunate to have been in things even though I was not raised to be sexual.

Like a eunuch almost. I was supposed to get circumcised but he castrated me.

They cut too much off, the whole thing really.

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