Letters to the editor: Thursday November 17, 2011

Bill c-10.

We do not need more hardened criminals and an outrageously expensive prison system that gives us nothing back. Erin Ellis, Ottawa

We know that this approach will fail at achieving its stated goals - Texas gives a clear example of this. The Canadian Bar Association has taken a clear stance against it, stating that it may actually worsen the problems it is purported to fix. High costs - both monetary and social. It targets those in our country who are already most vulnerable, the poor, mentally ill and addicted. Matt Taves, Vancouver

It just doesn't make sense to jail an 18-year-old drug dealer and then release them in five or 10 years and imagine that s/he will suddenly be a law-abiding citizen. How can they when they haven't learned how? But if those years are used to teach that person how to live without drugs, to treat their depression, how to get a job, then the chances seem much better that that person can survive without turning to crime, and not re-offend.

Dr Laura Clark, MD, Toronto

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