On Mediterranean shores.... well, sort of

10846 82 Ave.


  • Category: Clients, friends
  • Price range: Mid to high
  • Rating:?4 out of 5

"Where do you want to eat?" is a question with far too many answers along Whyte Avenue. I could see a dozen options from Ousia's front door, but the tiny newcomer has style.

Since it remains lunchless, I hit Ousia's purple interior for a Saturday brunch. We were surveying menus within minutes as the bubbly server grabbed my Clamato juice ($3.50).

I picked the lamb chorizo hash ($14), since I firmly believe that brunch is merely a later opportunity to enjoy eggs and sausage.

The rich, pulled lamb and mild chorizo were delightful but I remained unconvinced about the spicy cream sauce on the patatas bravas.

My bride's Ousia Benedict ($14) was riveting, however, with prosciutto and avocado lurking under Spanish hollandaise.

A bowl of fresh fruit was a nice touch.

Next time, I'll sample a mimosa or Sangria from the little Mediterranean restaurant. After all, excellent service, delicious fare and a comfortable interior made my return a given.

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