Campus cafeterias get creative with cooking

Typically, college is not fondly remembered for culinary experiences, as students shuffle between the cafeteria and campus pizza joint.

But there are plenty of students and administrators alike who are pushing for more creative forms of nourishment.

Here are three of the best campus culinary ideas taking hold at schools across the United States in 2012.

Michigan Technological University's

Khana Khazana

What started as a fundraiser for Haitian relief is now a thriving weekly tradition at MTU.

Each Friday, a different international student plays guest chef at the university cafeteria, sharing a favourite dish with fellow students.

With scarce ethnic cuisine available on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Khana Khazana (Hindi for "food treasure") attempts to open the minds of MTU students while filling their bellies along the way.

University of California, Riverside's

Culinary Chameleon

While food trucks are deeply ingrained in the culture of urban Northeast campuses, they're still largely an experiment at West Coast schools.

Rather than contracting vendors, this month UC Riverside is attempting to launch a truck owned and operated by the university.

The Chameleon promises to adjust its location and menu at the whims of the student body.

Boston University's

Fancy Fridays

With plenty of ironic flair, every Friday BU students flaunt their very finest attire at Shelton Hall.

The cuisine is still 100 per cent BU dining services - grilled cheese (fromage grille, perhaps?) and pizza - but the speeches are high-brow, as founding student Thomas Unger often leads sparkling cider toasts extolling the virtues of cufflinks and other accoutrement.

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