Making the transition to 'real life' can be a bumpy ride for filmmakers

A Bugs Life and Finding Nemo are some of the most beloved computer animated films of this generation. Thanks to the skillful hand and eye of director Andrew Stanton, the pixels come to life and create heart-warming, emotional films.

Time will tell if his latest effort, John Carter - which was released this past weekend worldwide - will be part of his critically-acclaimed collection. Unfortunately, it is starting to look like a critical bust. The movie is currently at a 51 per cent approval rating on

Here are four other film directors who went from animation to live action, with varying levels of success:

Brad Bird: Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Notable animated works: Ratatouille, The Incredibles, Iron Giant

One of Pixar's most notable directors, Brad Bird started training as an animator at the age of 14 under the tutelage of Milt Kahl, one of Disney's core animators known as the Nine Old Men.

According to the New York Times, Tom Cruise suggested he direct the next Mission: Impossible installment, and J.J. Abrams urged him to join via a late night text message that simply said "Mission?" Though some were skeptical the series needed another film, the movie had extremely positive reviews and grossed almost $680 million worldwide to date.

Rob Minkoff: The Haunted Mansion

Notable animated works: Stuart Little, The Lion King

The Lion King was one of the cornerstone films that made up the period known as the Disney Renaissance. Even the re-released 3D version was able to captivate audiences, grossing over $487 million worldwide.

The Haunted Mansion, based on the Disney theme parks ride of the same name, was also a box office success, bringing in over $182 million worldwide. However, it was universally panned due to the fact that many critics said it did not provide spook nor snark.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller: 21 Jump Street

Notable animated works: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, TV show Clone High

Directing duo Lord and Miller make have started in TV animation, but they made a name for themselves with their quirky movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Now, they're tackling the real world with a remake of the classic show 21 Jump Street. While their version won't be a drama and won't star Johnny Depp, previews seem to show that Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum will do well in the new comedic iteration.

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