Classy and locally-made is a winning combo at Viva Loca

Viva Loca

1233 Wellingston St.


Rating: ****
Price range: $

Viva Loca means living the crazy life. But you'd be crazy if you didn't enjoy a crepe, some carrot cake and a coffee at this modern café.

Located in the foyer of the Great Canadian Theatre Company (GCTC), Viva Loca offers a few locally-made condiments along with its menu of breakfast options, crepes, and other sandwich choices.

In the small kitchen, one employee takes orders while the other cooks. Meanwhile, I wait at a tall table by the window to enjoy the free Wi-Fi.

I ordered a crepe. Though the batter needed to be made fresh, I was willing to wait…and it was worth the short wait. The combination of smoked turkey, balsamic fig and brie was creamy, sweet and meaty.

On the side, the salad was crisp and drizzled with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

A large slice of carrot cake sprinkled with coconut was moist, not oily and the perfect sweet bite with my coffee.

Viva Loca is a classy place that's infused with homemade charm.

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