Do you have the 'it' factor for a job in IT?

Take down these tips from career expert LeahRuehlicke of IT staffing agency Robert Half Technology on how to get a solid foot in the door of all things desktop.

Stay positive:

Plain and simple, it is always tough to go through the application and hiring process, so new job seekers should remain positive and optimistic, especially during job interviews. Employers are attracted to positive thinkers.

Be assertive in your job search:

Never stop networking! Utilize online resources like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and find ways to network in person as well. People forget to do this all the time and rely solely on the Internet, but personally reaching out to employers has a timeless effect.

Stay up to date on the latest technology:

Consider continuing education courses, online learning, etc. There are also so many free, online tools to keep your skills current. Doing this shows an employer that you are not only resourceful, but that you are eager and ready to work.

Polish your soft skills:

Employers want someone with great communication skills who is able to work well with anyone.

Always check your ego at the door, and be willing and able to collaborate with others on the team. Job seekers often get so caught up on solely advertising their technological knowledge that they forget to enhance what they themselves can bring to the position as well!
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