Marseille clears port to remove 1-ton World War II-era bomb left by Germans

MARSEILLE, France - Officials in Marseille

are evacuating an area around the French Mediterranean city's port so

they can remove a 1-ton German bomb that dates to World War II.


1,000 people have been asked to clear out Sunday. Boat traffic has been

halted and access to several coastal roads blocked. The bomb will be

taken to a military base to be detonated.

It was discovered a week ago by construction workers who accidentally pierced the explosive with their back hoe.


regional government says the bomb's ignition system no longer works but

the sheer amount of explosives - 1,400 pounds (650 kilograms) - made it


The bomb was apparently buried by German soldiers,

who had planned to destroy the city's port, as they retreated near the

end of the war.

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