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City's low-income tax plan finds support

For those struggling to stay afloat in Calgary's steady economic waters, tax relief could mean the difference between having a roof over their heads and homelessness.

Calgary Housing Action Initiative co-ordinator Grant Neufeld welcomed a city plan to provide property tax assistance for low-income families.

Even if last year only two-thirds of 1,200 applicants were approved, receiving an average of $108, it could be a deal breaker for those straddling the poverty line on a daily basis, Neufeld said.

"For people who are very close to the wire, it can make the difference, assuming the process isn't a whole pile of work, as these things often are," said Neufeld "I'm glad the city's offering this because every bit of help that people living in poverty can get is important, but we've got a lot further to go to keep people in their homes."

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