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Homicide police investigating body

The family of Calgary resident Orphee Landa was dealt another blow yesterday as investigators confirmed they are now treating the discovery of his naked body Friday as a homicide.

"We don't have any words," said the 25-year-old's uncle Ludjess Lutaba.

"We don't know why somebody would have done this to him. That's our problem."

Lutaba said Landa's younger brother Francis answered the door of their home early Friday morning and an individual asked for his brother.

Family members have told RCMP Landa left with the individual in a green 2000 Chevrolet Impala.

Sgt. Patrick Webb is now hoping the public can assist investigators with finding that vehicle.

"We don't know what it's going to tell us, but if you don't ask the question you don't get the answer," he said.

Landa's immediate family was not available for comment yesterday, but Lutaba said they hope to take possession of his body sometime today.

Lutaba said the family is in shock and some are coping with feelings of guilt over what happened.

"The same night they had dinner together, they said goodnight and that was it," he said.

"We hope the police will find some answers. We just want to know."

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