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Folding bikes to be allowed on transit

Selina Renfrow knows all too well the troubles plaguing Calgary cyclists attempting to use transit.

One afternoon last month, she took her five-year-old daughter downtown for the afternoon and the youngster brought her tricycle along to ride.

But trouble emerged when it came time to board the bus home.

“The driver said, ‘You know there are no bikes allowed on here, right?' and I said, ‘Even tricycles?'” Renfrow recalled. “He said, ‘Yep.'”

The driver refused to budge, and the two were forced to get off.

Calgary Transit later apologized for the incident.

Now the organization is planning to unveil new regulations that would allow bikes that fold onboard all buses and C-Trains, said Neil McKendrick, manager of transit planning.

“Essentially when you have a folding bike and you put them into the bag most of them come with, it looks like every other sports bag,“ he said. “We think this is a marvelous opportunity to basically make the entire transit system accessible to cyclists, providing they are willing to make an individual investment.”

Stewart Midwinter with Bike Calgary said many people already smuggle folding bikes onto transit.

“I think this is really positive,” he said. “Gas is getting expensive, the economy's not too strong ... This is about making transit more flexible.”

Renfrow, who owns a folding bike herself, is in favour of the new policy.

“That's awesome,” she said. “That's kind of what's prevented me from commuting to work. I have a little bike, it's not capable of riding ridiculous distances.”

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