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Video: Calgary girls pay homage to Katy Perry's hit

Move over, Katy Perry.

Two Calgary sisters have created a worthy parody of the music sensation's hit California Gurls that features a great deal of local flavour ' everything from drinking Peters' Drive-In milkshakes to throwing up on the Calaway Park rollercoaster.

“We wanted to highlight Calgary's key, awesome points,” said 16-year-old Jordy Gray, who co-produced the video with older sibling Ashley.

Filming in Calgary's various hotspots came with some challenges. For one, the girls visited the Calgary Zoo on school field trip day, becoming a laughing spectacle for hundreds of passing elementary kids.

Jordy also suffered a skin reaction to grass chemicals while performing her version of “the worm” atop Scotman's Hill.

Nevertheless, the girls remain committed to their cause.

Now, the finished product has generated some buzz on YouTube and other social media sites like Reddit, but the Grays never intended to gain recognition for their work.

“We really did it just for fun,” Ashley said. “We really like making parodies, our friends love watching them and helping out.”

“And we really love Calgary,” Jordy added.

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