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Nenshi satisfied with Wildrose stance on discrimination

Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi said he's satisfied by statements made by Wildrose leader Danielle Smith following racially-charged comments made by one the party's candidates.

During a radio show last weekend, Wildrose candidate Ron Leech said he believed he had an advantage in the election because he is Caucasian.

Leech issued an apology but Nenshi wrote on Twitter that he didn't believe it was good enough.

“All he has to do is say ‘I don’t actually believe what it sounded like I said.’ He has not,” he said online.

Leech has since issued another statement that reads: "In response to feedback from voters in Calgary Greenway, I want to make it clear that every candidate, regardless of their ethnicity, has the ability to represent every cultural community in this constituency and I did not intend to imply otherwise”.

Smith also commented on the subject again after initially saying she was "not concerned" by Leech's comments.

On Friday, she stated "a Wildrose government will not tolerate discrimination against any individual based on their ethnicity, religion, beliefs, background, disability or sexual orientation. Period."

Nenshi said in a statement he's pleased to see strong statements from all five parties on the subject.

"It’s now up to the voters to decide. Regardless of our divisions on political issues, we are all Albertans, and on Tuesday morning we all need to get back to building our great province."

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