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‘Blatant disregard’ for Calgary bike lanes is offensive: Alderman

Alderman John Mar is speaking out against a “blatant disregard” for cyclists in the city.

His remark comes after a YouTube video caught a minivan driving in the bike lane on 10 Avenue S.W. — even driving around a cyclist using the lane.

“It’s clearly marked, there’s obviously a cyclist in the lane and every other car is sort of avoiding it,” Mar said.

“Then there’s this one fellow in his minivan that decides, ‘You know what? Those rules are for other people but not for me.’

“I find that offensive, I really do.”

He wants the city go ahead with curbs and coloured asphalt to clearly mark where bike lanes are to prevent this from happening again.

Brent Clark, president of Bike Calgary, said they’re onboard for anything that makes cycling safer and well defined.

“It’s hard to provide safe facilities for people to cycle in and if there’s cars in it then we’re obviously not able to meet that need,” he explained.

The video was passed along to CPS, but until the person who filmed the video comes forward, they can’t look at issuing a ticket to the driver, said Staff Sgt. Tony Shirok.

“There’s two sides to every story and we have to be sure we have enough evidence,” he said.


  • Police believe it’s mostly an education issue — not enough people understand the downtown bike lanes.
  • Determining if the video was edited, as well as who was driving, are two key things police need in order to issue a ticket.

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