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Taxi data could open door for new apps in Calgary

City council’s decision to require GPS data from taxis be made available could open the door for tech-savvy entrepreneurs, according to a Calgary app guru.

On Monday, new regulations were approved by city officials in order to keep tabs on how many taxis are in various areas of the city and at what times during the day.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi who advocated for the changes said the open data creates opportunities for business people in the city.

“Could you have entrepreneurs use this data to mix it and mash it to create apps? Absolutely,” he said. “We’ve seen great results on that with transit, so why not with the taxi system as well.”

Connor Turner of YYC Apps agreed and said he expects the data will be utilized right away when it’s made public.

“We’ve seen there are four of five really good apps that come out when the city releases data in an open space,” said Turner, pointing to parking apps in addition to multiple transit apps.

“It will give small businesses and entrepreneurs an opportunity to create an app to help see if there are lot of taxis in certain areas or let people find if there are taxis available and where to go,” he said. “It could also help to spur innovation within the taxi companies themselves.”

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