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Better well-being the aim of United Way poverty report

A new report released by the Calgary area United Way has given insight into a complex issue regarding poverty and low-income families and how best to help them out of their situation.

The report, titled “From Getting By To Getting Ahead,” gathered information from more than 600 participants and used several in-depth interviews to get a glimpse of what really needs to be done to help those climbing out of poverty.

Sundar Ranjitkar and Cindy Christensen were two participants in the study, and both agreed that recommendations in the report will make a big difference to Calgarians living in poverty.

“Of course this will make a big difference, we have the commitment from the chair that they’re going to implement these - they’re going to plan,” said Ranjitkar.

“Especially with these organizations helping people to get out of poverty I think that the city will change for the better,” Christensen added.

The report identified six areas to help families achieve greater well-being, including improving access to services and making systemic changes, and specific recommendations for each area.

Dr. Lucy Miller, president and CEO of the United Way Calgary, said the report’s timing is great.

“This is another example of the stage we’re at in our city where we’re facing the few barriers that are keeping us from maximizing our potential,” she said.

“We’re not walking away, we’re approaching them head-on and saying some things are unacceptabl

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