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Calgarians prevented from using marijuana vaporizers on planes

No more marijuana at 30,000 feet.

That’s the message from Calgary airline WestJet, which has clarified its stance on a device used aboard one of their flights last year by a group of local chronic pain sufferers.

“It has to do with how hot it (the device) gets,” explained medicinal marijuana user Lisa Kirkman, who was one of four people believed to be the first to smoke marijuana aboard a Canadian flight. “There is fear about that inside an airplane obviously . . . I understand.”

Marijuana users are still able to use vaporizers, which produce little, if any, smoke and no odour, in airport lobbies and can bring the devices aboard planes.

A WestJet spokesperson confirmed the airline’s stance on the device; however, Transport Canada has not issued a directive nationwide, according to spokesperson Maryse Durette.

“As for the security screening process, vaporizers are not on the prohibited items list and would therefore be accepted in a carry-on bag,” Durette wrote in an emailed statement. “The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority should be contacted for more information on their process for screening such items.”


  • Carrying marijuana onto a plane requires a license from Health Canada.
  • The trip in which local travelers used a marijuana vaporizer also spurred the creation of a blog,, in which rules are clarified on where the devices can and cannot be used.

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