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Calgary-based app FastCab connects riders with taxis

Tired of waiting for a dispatched taxi without any idea of its arrival time?

Local entrepreneur Jeff Doepker has developed what he says is the solution to the city’s taxi challenges through an app called FastCab that connects would-be passengers with fare-seeking cabs.

Not only can passengers specify pick-up locations through the app but they can also watch a real time GPS map of the drivers approach.

The light-bulb moment to develop the app came to Doepker last year.

Unable to pick up his wife who was working late downtown, Doepker said he looked at his phone and thought “we’ve got the technology here and I certainly don’t want her walking around downtown by herself late at night looking for a cab.”

“There seems to be a breakdown in getting the people with the money connected to the people with the service,” he said.

After some failed attempts with other development companies, Doepker finally found success with local app development company Decoder and the service has steadily been gaining users over the last few weeks.

Although responses to the app have been positive, Doepker said there are still some challenges standing in the way of the services momentum.

While the android version is currently in development, the app is only available for iPhone users at this time.

“A lot of Calgary taxi drivers don’t have iPhones, but I do know for a fact a few drivers have gone out and bought an iPhone so they can use this system,” he said.

FastCab fast facts:

  • The FastCab app also has a rating system for both drivers and riders, which allows courteous drivers and riders to be rewarded.
  • FastCab is available on the App Store.
  • To find out more visit

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