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Centennial Calgary Stampede rides off into the sunset

The plaid shirts, big buckles and 10-gallon hats of the city’s urban cowboys are tucked away ‘till next year.

The century edition of Calgary’s Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth is complete as Sunday marked the last day of the 2012 Calgary Stampede.

Calgary’s world famous 10-day party lived up to the hype said Vancouverite Brakk Fugh, who attended the event for the first time this weekend.

“I had a great time. We wish we had more time to enjoy it,” said Fugh, who added he’ll “definitely” be returning next year.

It was certainly fun while it lasted, but some Stampede revelers are happy to see the 10 days of celebration come to an end.

“I’m all partied out,” said Calgarian Sarah Frost.  “So I’m kind of glad it’s over."

Dmetri Berko is banking on Calgary’s high prices galloping off into the sunset with the Stampede.

“”I’m happy it’s over because parking will go back to normal price; so will drink and food prices,” said Berko.

Attendance records were smashed at during Stampede’s centennial celebration.

A staggering 1,299,203 pairs of cowboy boots stomped through the ground’s gates by Saturday’s end, shattering the all-time attendance record of 1,262,518, set in 2006, and there’s still one day left to count.

“We’re thrilled with the attendance,” said Doug Fraser, Stampede’s media relations manager.

Stampede facts

  • 70 per cent of Stampede goers are local and 30 per cent are tourists
  • Over two million mini doughnuts are sold each year

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