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City committee gives green light to taxi fare hike

Taxi fares are likely to see a rate hike beginning this fall after members of council rubber stamped the first increase in four years.

Pending final approval from city council, taxi fares will likely jump by 4.4 per cent as soon as October.

Members of the taxi industry expressed their support for the rate increase; however, president of Associated Cab Roger Richard argued the boost was not enough.

Richard said he initially supported the 4.4 per cent figure but told committee members Thursday that the rate hike should instead be 6.4 per cent.

He said a higher increase would offset the costs he said his company will incur as a result of recent regulations put in place by council to better track the taxi industry.

Richard said his cabs will have to replace the meters in their cars as well hire additional staff after council imposed more regulations including GPS data from the companies.

“The industry has been put in a very, very tough position,” said Richard. “This is really going to hurt us.”

Manager and chief livery officer with the City of Calgary Marc Halat said the 4.4 per cent figure is a fair one, established through consideration of operating costs such as gasa prices.

“We’ll do our best to establish a fair return on his investment,” said Halat.

Halat said more than 1,460 cabs will need to be calibrated before the fall.

Fare fact:

  • For a 10 km ride, the rate will go from $18.01 to $18.80 after the rate increase, according to a city report.
  • The drop rate will rise from $3.40 to $3.50
  • The Taxi and Limousine Advisory Committee also recommending council raise the airport departure fee from $3 to $4.

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