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Chris Reimer, guitarist from 'Women,' solo music released after death

While Calgarian Chris Reimer, former guitarist for the band Women, passed away earlier this year, his friends are working to ensure his music lives on.

Fellow musician and friend Chad VanGaalen acquired a cassette duplicator and offered to reproduce some of Reimer's solo material to create a cassette to give out to friends.

After his death in February, Reimer’s girlfriend Rena Kozak discovered a folder on his computer labelled "The Chad Tape" and decided to move forward with the uncompleted project.

Kozak said what followed was beyond her wildest dreams.

“It spread crazy quick,” said Kozak.

Intended for Reimer’s close friends, Kozak soon learned how in demand his music really was.

The release of the tape was set to take place on Aug. 13, but through the power of the internet, word spread and websites such as began promoting the music.

“Knowing just how much everyone loved him and how popular he really was, I am pretty moved,” said Kozak.

The cassette tape can be purchased at and proceeds of the purchase go towards the Chris Reimer Legacy Fund, which helps children obtain scholarships in music and dance education.

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