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Thieves steal from Calgary art project dreamt up by 10-year-old

Three paintings meant to beautify a Calgary construction zone have been stolen in recent weeks and those with art still on display fear those responsible may strike again.

And just the thought that someone would disrupt the community project for personal gain is enough to tick off its 10-year-old brainchild.

“They’re just paintings,” said Mac Hughes. “It’s not like you are going to make a lot of money — it really sucks.”

Hughes thought up the idea while walking past the Pixel by Battistella condo project in Kensington earlier this summer. With the help of his father, the youngster has enlisted more than 90 artists to offer up their paintings to put around the exterior of the Pixel development and another construction site in the community.

But now questions abound for those involved, like moonlighting artist Andrew Lester. He submitted two pieces, each requiring dozens of hours of work, and someone walked off with one over the weekend.

Even more troubling is the fact that they inexplicably left another painting in its place.

“I am worried they may take the other one,” Lester said. “That’s not why it was there. It was for public consumption not private consumption.”

Fellow artist Jolies Rauchbar is finding the theft of her colourful cat-face painting more ironic than anything.

“I called it ‘I Trust You,’” she exclaimed. “Imagine that.”

Police have been notified of the thefts and Hughes is trying to remain optimistic.

“Maybe they will bring them back,” he said.

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