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Calgary man donates $9K comic collection to Alberta Children’s Hospital

One Calgary comic book collector is passing up on a payout to ensure his prized collection is put to good use.

Chris Doucher donated more than 2,500 comic books to the Alberta Children's Hospital Tuesday — a donation worth approximately $9,000.

“My daughter, a year or so ago, had a couple scares,” he said. “One night after no sleep at 3 in the morning, it sort of dawned on me … my daughter gets to go home today but there are kids here that don’t get to go home for a month.”

Doucher said when he was a youngster, he used comic books as an escape, which he hopes the kids at the hospital can do as well.

“If you’re having a bad day at school … I would just bury my head into a couple comics and forget about it,” he said. “It really got me into reading.”

Director of development for annual and planned giving Patty Bambrick said they’ve never received a comic book donation of that quantity at the hospital previously.

“Reading these (comics) are another opportunity to let their mind go somewhere else,” she said.

She said, in addition to reading material, the comics may be used for prizes at the hospital’s bingo night.

As an avid collector since the late 90s, Doucher said he donated all but roughly 300 of his most prized comics.

Comic collection details:

  • Doucher is co-owner and managing editor of a website called
  • He said the comics likely range in price from about $3-$20 each.
  • Roughly 95 per cent of his collection was donated to the hospital.

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