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Calgary photographers hunt for daredevil B.C. kayakers

While on a recent trip to B.C., a pair of Calgary photographers didn’t capture a single shot of the wildlife they’d been seeking out, but they did manage to shoot something spectacular.

Andrea Halwas and her fiancé Chad Larsen, owners of Thirteenth Avenue Gallery, made a pit stop at Wells Gray Provincial Park en route home from a photography job in Kamloops.

The couple stopped at Helmcken Falls — one of the highest waterfalls in Canada — and spotted a group of kayakers braving the smaller waterfall below.

“We were standing at the lookout point and realized, those are kayakers down there. What are they doing? How did they get there?” said Halwas, adding Larsen is a kayaker himself. “He was amazed by what they were doing.”

Halwas said the kayakers would plunge over the falls and remain underwater for 20-30 seconds before popping up again.

“It generated quite a crowd of people that were really blown away.”

They started shooting photos of the three kayakers, but because they were so far away, were unable to contact them.

“We thought, these guys are incredible and if we could ever just have their emails, we could send them these photos we have of them,” she said. “I don’t know how many people were there in B.C., on that day, on a kayak trip. It should be pretty easy to narrow down. However, we don’t know where to start.”

Halwas said they’re hoping the kayakers, or anyone who knows these kayakers, contacts them so they can share the images.

“I’d love to see them if I did that,” she said.

Halwas can be reached at and a full gallery of their photos can be found at

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