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Police recover Calgary widower's stolen wedding ring

A stolen wedding ring belonging to a Calgary widower has been recovered, according to police.

In late August, Calgarian Aaron Klett had his home in the community of Haysboro broken into. His laptop containing family photos, as well as a roughly 100-year-old ring that his now deceased wife had given him on their wedding day were stolen.

The laptop was recovered at the home of an alleged suspect, but Klett and investigators appealed to the public in hopes that the ring would be recovered. Klett lost his wife Fay Westcott to cancer in 2010.

According the the police, investigators located the ring last week at a gold purchasing stall in a local shopping centre in northeast Calgary.

“My family and I are extremely happy to have our stolen items returned, and we are very thankful to the Calgary Police Service for their hard work in the trenches of this investigation. Without their dedication to this case, we would just be another statistic," said Klett in a statement.

Police also recovered several other stolen jewelry items from other break-and-enter victims in Shawnee Slopes and Varsity.

Four 16 to 17-year-old males have been arrested and each is facing between three and five charges of house break and enter.

The ring and the laptop, from which police were able to recover several photos, have been returned to Klett.

"The return of irreplaceable items as well as things as simple as my 8-year-old's pink, digital camera have not only restored our stuff, but our peace of mind, that, with the help of others sometimes wrongs can be corrected and justice served."

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