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Calgary becomes fastest growing car2go market worldwide

The blue and while smart cars seen around Calgary will soon be multiplying after car2go announces Cowtown is the fastest growing market around the world.

Launched in July, car2go is a car-sharing program that allows registered members to access smart fortwo cars around the city and pay by-the-minute usage.

In the first 60 days in Calgary, more than 15,000 Calgarians had registered to use car2go and more than 40,000 trips have been taken in a car2go.

“As thousands of residents of Calgary embrace carsharing with car2go, they are setting an outstanding example of intelligent urban mobility for the rest of their city, and for other cities around the world,” said Nicholas Cole, president and CEO of car2go Canada Ltd., in a release.

There are currently 150 car2go vehicles in the city, and an additional 150 will be added to accommodate the growth in membership.

Car2go will also be expanding their home area — the geographical areas where people can find and park their car2go after using.

The new home area will be 93 square kilometres.

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