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Campaign volunteers off and running in Calgary byelection

Many Calgarians chose to stay at home on a snowy Sunday morning, but campaign volunteers were out and about just hours after Primer Minister Stephen Harper announced a byelection in Calgary Centre.

The race to replace former Conservative MP Lee Richardson – who resigned his seat in May – was in full swing by midday, by which time Gwyneth Midgley was busy fielding phone calls and accepting donations on behalf of Liberal candidate Harvey Locke.

“I’m interested in – and it sounds clichéd – making the world a better place, “ the long-time political volunteer said. “I see politics as an important way of doing that,”

Natalie Odd, meanwhile, was busy co-ordinating what she described as hundreds of volunteers who have signed up to work for Green Party candidate Chris Turner.

“They are coming to us, unsolicited, continually,” Odd said, adding that “volunteers can make or break your campaign.”

The NDP, meanwhile, have yet to name a candidate to run in the riding. The party has a nomination meeting set for Oct. 27.

Conservative candidate Joan Crockatt’s camapaign did not return phone calls on Sunday.

The byelection is set for Nov. 26.

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