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Video: Mayor Naheed Nenshi speaks about seeking re-election in 2013

Mayor Naheed Nenshi ended months of speculation Wednesday and announced he will indeed run for re-election next year.

It was widely believed the mayor would seek a second term, which, due to a recent change in provincial law, will be four years long, rather than the current three.

Nenshi has been buoyed by his persistent, personal popularity and a recent survey in which Calgarians reported being happier with their lives and more satisfied with city services than they’ve been in years.

“But we’ve still got a lot of work to do,” Nenshi told Metro.

The mayor cited RouteAhead, the long-term strategic plan for Calgary Transit, and NextCity, an initative aimed at “transforming city planning” and “building better stuff,” as two of his top priorities.

“And we’ve got to get some real good headway on our conversations with the province around our city charter,” Nenshi added.

On that topic, the mayor said he wasn’t discouraged by recent public comments from Municipal Affairs Minister Doug Griffiths, who said “that’s a no” when asked if he would support expanded taxation powers for municipalities.

“What’s interesting is the minister and the premier have said a whole bunch of things, but neither of them has actually picked up the phone and called me about it,” Nenshi said. “So I’m sticking with what they signed and what they promised in the (provincial) election.”

Ald. Andre Chabot, who was toying with the idea of running for mayor in 2013, said Wednesday he now sees “no point in doing that.”

“I don't believe I could defeat the mayor,” Chabot said.

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