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Calgary aims to make 2013 the year of flexible work

Calgarians spend an average of 67 minutes a day commuting, something city officials hope reduce in the coming year and beyond.

“We’re trying to get corporations to change the culture a little bit,” said Ald. Richard Pootmans, who hopes 2013 will be the year that sees the beginning of a new culture.

Pootmans said the image of the “eager go-getter” is often associated with the person who’s at the office first thing in the morning, but modern work can be done at different times of day from different locations.

“We’re writing the book, literally, on how to do this,” said Robyn Bews of WorkShift, a Calgary Economic Development initiative aimed at encouraging employers to adopt flexible work schedules.

Simply shifting the start of the work day for some employees can save them travel time during rush hour, Bews said, while also taking stress off Calgary’s transportation network and environment.

There are countless technological options for staff to work from home or other remote locations, she added.

Morley Surcon of Eagle Professional Resources said allowing staff members to work from home some days while still collaborating via private online chat rooms has proven highly effective for his company.

“It’s a way for us to keep people longer, make them happier, make them more productive, and hopefully attract more people to Eagle as well,” he said.

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