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Fans rejoice as Oprah Winfrey comes to Calgary

For years they watched her on TV, some even trying to score tickets to her show in Chicago and on Tuesday, many Calgarians were able to put a tick next to an item on their bucket lists.

Thousands of fans flooded the Saddledome to see and hear Oprah Winfrey, though none more excited than Shannon Hilton — a self-described super fan who has a very personal connection to Lady O.

Hilton and her husband Mike were flown to Chicago last year where he was a guest on an episode about weight loss after he losing more than 100 lbs.

“I don’t even remember the show, it was such a blur,” said Hilton, adding she burst into tears when Oprah pulled her on stage and hugged her after the segment. “It was an, ‘I can die now moment.’”

Hilton and her husband used all their Airmiles to fly to Toronto in the spring to see Oprah, and once again jumped at the chance to buy tickets for her Calgary appearance.

“Honestly, I couldn’t believe (she was coming to Calgary. I just think she’s such an inspiration.”

Fellow fans Debb Saretsky and Avril Cann arrived nearly two hours early with their VIP tickets in hand.

“I really like her philosophy on paying it forward,” said Cann of her reason for purchasing tickets.

“Who wouldn’t want to see Oprah?” added Saretsky. “She’s an icon.”

See Hilton and her husband's appearance on the Oprah show below:

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