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Alleged Calgary beating victim left with questions

Beaten and bruised, an Okotoks man wants justice — and answers — after what he described as a random attack in downtown Calgary over the weekend.

Chris McKenna said trouble began seconds after he climbed into a cab around 12:30 a.m. Saturday near The Drum and Monkey Public House, located at 1201 1st St. S.W. He had been out enjoying a night on the town with friends after only recently moving back to the Calgary area.

"We decided to go home and we turned the corner to get a cab," the 20-year-old recalled. "There was group of six guys looking at us . . . but we didn't think much of it. I got in the cab and shut the door, but they opened it. First, they kicked at me and then they pulled me out and I hit the ground."

Friends rushed to McKenna's aid but not before he was left with a swollen left eye, multiple bruises and a broken pair of glasses.

"The right side of my jaw clicks when I open it now, so I think there might be something wrong there," he added.

McKenna has filed a complaint with the police and he said the cab driver has also provided a statement to investigators.

Police were not available to comment on the incident Monday.

Friend Michael Lewis said his group did nothing to provoke the attack, adding the incident has shaken his faith in the local community.

"It makes me really sad to try and defend Calgary," he said. "I couldn't think of a better way we could avoid a problem like that . . . we were in the safety of a cab when this happened."

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