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Calgary’s one-minute parking zones confuse and amuse

Park if you must, but be gone in 60 seconds.

That’s the literal message from dozens of outdated and slowly disappearing parking signs scattered across Calgary, informing motorists that they can only leave their vehicle legally on the street for a single minute.

"It does seem a little bit silly," city roads spokesman Sean Somers said of the signs, which have confused and amused both visitors and long-time Calgarians alike.

“It certainly is one of the more bizarre things here in Calgary,” said Cynthia Mueller, who noticed one of the signs on Westmount Road N.W. last year.

Most of the signs were originally installed in school zones and near Canada Post “superboxes” as a way of keeping traffic moving, Somers said, and the city is now slowly phasing them out in favour of “loading zone,” “briefs stops only,” or simple “no parking” signs.

As for enforcement, the Calgary Parking Authority said it doesn’t have officers sitting in the bushes with a stopwatch.

Infractions in the one-minute zones are complaint-based, said CPA communications manager Shelley Trigg, and complaints are “very rare.”


  • The last one-minute-parking sign was installed in 2007 and about 100 of the signs remain in place around Calgary, according to city roads spokesman Sean Somers.

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