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Video: Calgary man detained at Chinook Centre wants to pursue charges against security guards

Chinook Centre is conducting an internal investigation after a video surfaced of security guards aggressively subduing a man outside the mall Saturday night, with one guard appearing to throw three punches while four others had the man pinned to the ground.

But Dan Doussept plans to take matters further and ask police to investigate potential criminal charges against the security guards whom he said used unnecessary force against him.

“I want to follow up,” the 31-year-old said Sunday. “Why is it that they are allowed to use this type of force?”

Tremaine Lea, who captured part of the incident on video, said he was just leaving the mall around 9 p.m. when he saw the security guards on top of a man.

“They were definitely hitting him pretty hard,” Lea said. “To me, it seemed excessive.”

Calgary police were called to the mall at 8:59 p.m., said Insp. Darrell Hesse, and officers cleared the scene shortly after 9:30 p.m.

"We did not arrest anybody and we did not charge anybody," Hesse said.

Chinook Centre marketing director Peggy Lim said the mall is investigating the incident.

In an email to Metro, Lim said “we take this matter very seriously” and “our priority is to ensure the safety of all patrons, tenants and staff at Chinook Centre.”

Doussept said the incident began when he sat down on an escalator, a security guard told him to stand up, and a verbal argument ensued in a mall vestibule.

Doussept said he then went outside, threw away a coffee cup, and waved goodbye to the guards, who were “about five or six feet” away from him.

“I put my hand up just to wave goodbye, and they charged me,” he said. “They didn’t say we think you’re threatening us, or anything. They just came at me.”

Lim said the mall couldn’t comment publicly on any of the incident’s details while the internal investigation is ongoing.

A guard can be heard in the video saying “you punched me in the face,” but Doussept denies striking any of the guards before being taken to the ground.

At one point in the video, while three guards have the man pinned to the ground, a fourth guard comes in and removes his shoes, then a fifth guard comes in and appears to punch him three times.

“Those were connecting,” Doussept said. “I just remember feeling shots in my rib cage, and that’s when I yelled out, ‘Quit punching me.’”

One guard also appears to be using his knee to keep the man on the ground in the video.

“What you don’t see is that knee hit the back of my skull,” Doussept said. “And that really frickin’ hurt.”

A guard can also be heard in the video saying to the man on the ground: “Listen to me. I'm going to f--k you up."

Doussept said he went to a hospital emergency room after the incident with wounds to his face, back and hands.

He said he still had a severe headache on Sunday and worried he may have a concussion.

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