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Associated Cab wants Calgary to kill airport express bus

Calgary Transit’s express-bus service to the airport is poorly used yet still threatens the viability of the private shuttle service operated by Associated Cab, company officials told aldermen Wednesday.

“We might have to rethink our operation,” Cam Naghshineh, general manager of Allied Limousine, said to the city’s transportation committee.

Naghshineh and Associated Cab head Roger Richard said the city should shut down Route 300, which they described as simultaneously a waste of taxpayer dollars and unfair competition to their business.

Ald. Andre Chabot said the city has created an uneven playing field that threatens the viability of the private shuttle service, which offers the advantage of dropping passengers off exactly where they want to go.

“We may lose that enhanced level of service and then people will have to fall back on the sub-standard service, if you will, that we provide through the public transportation system," Chabot said.

Route 300 sees about 1,000 riders a day, according to a city report, with about a third getting on and off at the airport and the rest at other points along Centre Street.

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