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Heroic bystander used bandana to secure Calgary bus stop crash victim's wound

Schuylar Williams was on a stroll to the liquor store Saturday when he heard the blood-curdling screams.

A car had veered off the road and crashed into a bus bench in the 6700 block of Centre Street North, right where engaged couple Anthony Irving and Miranda Buzzell were sitting.

"I didn't even know anybody had been hurt at first," Williams, 19, recalled Monday. "Then I saw her (Miranda) lying there. She was screaming 'My leg, my leg.' I ran over and took my bandana out of my pocket and tied it around to stop the bleeding."

Another bystander called 911 and a third took a cue from Williams and wrapped his belt around Irving's leg. While waiting for the medics, Williams, trained in first aid a few years prior, held Buzzell's hand tight and even tracked down a bottle of ginger ale nearby to keep her hydrated.

EMS spokesperson Adam Loria said his actions appear to have been at least "limb-saving," however, Buzzell's mother Liz has indicated her life may have even been threatened at one point.

The rallying of onlookers Saturday appears to be in stark contrast to an incident in the community of Sandstone last month that saw two vehicles run over Wong Shuk Yee and a number of others drive around the woman as she lay dying in the road. Only one Good Samaritan, Tonja Beach, came to the victim's aid. Beach later offered a blunt assessment of Calgary's fast-paced lifestyle.

"There's no compassion left in the city," she said at the time.

But Williams' effort counters that claim, both friend Lane Gladue, who was with Williams Saturday, and Liz Buzzell said Monday.

I didn't really know what to do," Gladue said. "He didn't even flinch — he jumped right in."

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