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‘Phantom Pooper’ leaves his mark on SAIT campus

Campus security has rolled up their sleeves to deduce who’s behind a series of smelly situations at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Security and students have been left bewildered upon hearing that an unknown individual, known as the ‘Phantom Pooper’ has been defecating on SAIT campus bathroom floors for nearly a year.

“They’ve been sporadic over the last 10 months,” said Barry Cochran, manager of security and emergency services at SAIT, “There’s maybe more than we’re aware of because the cleaning staff here just clean the mess up and don’t report it.

“It’s been across campus.”

The caca caper has students puzzled.

“I think he’s just reaching out for attention,” said student Carlo Iannuzzi, “What an odd thing to do to make your mark.”

Metro has learned from an unnamed janitor supervisor at SAIT, that all of the incidents have occurred in the men’s washroom, where feces were found in the middle of the floor and around the toilet stalls, and that it has been happening for the past 10 months.

“We have to report it to security so they can trace who’s doing this,” the janitor said.

“It could just be a student.”

“It comes down to what the motive is and it’s something that we don’t want happening here,” Cochran said.

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