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Alberta CTF wants 'unethical' fuel tax-on-tax eliminated

At least one Calgary driver says it’s ‘criminal’ for the government to be collecting a tax on a tax when he fuels up.

Alan King, an instructor for Quality Driving School was happy to get his $7 and change back during the Canadian Taxpayers Federation's 15th annual Gas Tax Honesty Day Thursday.

King, who typically spends about $70 per week driving a Toyota Prius for the school, can’t fathom why Canadians pay the GST on an already built-in federal gas tax – and still pay more for gas than our American counterparts.

“It’s criminal,” King said outside the Fair Deal gas station on 17 Avene S.E. Thursday.

“Especially when the oil and gas comes from Alberta.”

CTF Alberta director Derek Fildebrandt gladly calculated and returned to King the tax he paid on his fuel up.

“Governments have a right to shake us down for taxes, but they should be open and upfront about it. High gas taxes are one thing, but taxing tax is unethical,” Fildebrant said.

The average Albertan pays around $15 in taxes each time they fill up their tank, Fildebrandt said, costing the average two-car Alberta family nearly $800 per year.

Fildebrandt said any taxes that are siphoned off by the federal or provincial governments should be allocated back to roads.

“It’s a legitimate tax only if used for the building and maintenance of roads,” he said.

In Alberta, the federal government rakes in $80 million on gas tax, part of the $1.6 billion collected by the tax-on-tax for fuel, according to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

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