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New Poetic Park Plaza opens in downtown Calgary

Calgary’s newest park officially opened Wednesday with an interactive poetry event, an activity reflective of its name.

Dubbed “Poetic Park Plaza” the new urban green space stands on a previously empty site near the foot of the Louise Bridge, at the corer of 4Avenue and 9 Street S.W.

“This little park that we’re standing in is a symbol of Calgary,” Ald. John Mar said. “It’s a symbol of our cultures merging. It’s a symbol of the crossroads of an emerging city – once a little bit of dirt, now it’s transformed into something wonderful.”

The park is located in front of the Avatamsaka Buddhist monastery, members of which participated in the opening ceremony.

Citizens were also invited to share their feelings about the space through poetry.

The city’s stated goal in building the 50-by-100-foot park was “to create an urban plaza with a unique identity and sense of place” that could be used as a meeting a meeting place, or a quiet spot to read, have lunch, or simply relax and reflect.

“This is truly a piece of the gateway, the northwest gateway, into the downtown and this beautiful park is intended to encourage a variety of uses and opportunities,” said city parks director Anne Charlton. “I think a little bit of serenity in this busy place is something we’ll all appreciate.”

Its amenities include seating areas, canopy trees, interpretive signs, and two towering sculptures of long-legged insects.

The city budgeted $700,000 to build the park and the final bill came in under budget, said project manager Greg Stewart.

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