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Province launches Alberta Baby Names app

Not sure what to name your Alberta-born baby? There’s an app for that.

The Government of Alberta has taken the act of naming a newborn baby digital, as they launched an app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices on Wednesday that has more than 81,000 Alberta baby names, as well as their popularity, going back to 1980.

“It’s meant to give folks an understanding of what’s out there,” said Manmeet Bhullar, minister of Service Alberta.

The launch of the Alberta Baby Names app coincided with the annual release Wednesday of the province’s most popular baby names – as well as revealing one-of-a-kind names, and others that Bhullar called “bold” and “unique.”

The names are compiled through the Vital Statistics branch of Service Alberta.

The app will allow parents to know just how popular a name is – or isn’t – dating back more than three decades.

“So if you want to know how many Manmeets – a fine name if I do say so myself – there were in the last 10 years, you can find out,” said Bhullar.

The app, developed in-house, can be downloaded for free.

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