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Calgary flood help website yycisopen garners support for flood-stricken small biz

If rolling up your sleeves and trudging through mud-covered streets and homes isn't they way you envision helping Calgary recover from massive flooding, then perhaps your patronage at local businesses can help.

Local media personality Mike Morrison, and digital marketing specialist Richard Einarson have launched a website dedicated to promoting local independent businesses that have been significantly affected by recent flooding in Calgary.

The website,, aims to create a community that will help aid those businesses in getting back on their feet - but putting revenue back into the affected small businesses.

"We were looking for ways to use our skills to help people who wanted to help with recovery but not necessarily able to roll up their sleeves and get dirty," said Morrison.

"We wanted to have this hub of reminding people to support small business."

Once on the site, users can see who to help and where to help and some of the impact of the flooding on local business. The small businesses are also encouraged to share their flood recovery stories with others.

"If you talk to some of the independent restaurants, the ones where it's their livelihood, while they may not have the gory visuals of the water rushing in, but when you are closed for four or five days without power and you lose everything, you have to start from scratch," said Morrison.

"Many of those businesses are just making it week-by-week as it is."

Over the next few months, Morrison envisions taking the meeting place to another level, possibly hosting Calgary meet ups in some of the hardest hit retail and commercial areas of Calgary.

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