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Starting up a tech business at Calgary's Startup Weekend

Those looking to cram months, or potentially years of work, into a few days need look no further than Startup Weekend.

The three-day event, running in Calgary from July 12 to 14 at Mount Royal University, aims accelerate entrepreneurs from the idea stage to a full-blown product, explained organizer Lloyed Lobo.

Startup Weekend is a worldwide event that Lobo said has produced around 100,000 entrepreneurs.

“It’s the largest startup organization in the world,” he said.

The upcoming Calgary event will be accepting around 100 participants, who will pitch their technology-based ideas (anything from apps to radio-active pants, according to Lobo) on the Friday.

The top 10 to 12 ideas as voted on by the group will then break off and form teams of developers, marketers, etc.

“They build software that people can use, they do all the Twitter, the Facebook, the marketing and they launch it by Sunday,” said Lobo.

The teams then pitch to a panel of investors and community leaders, and the winners will get a variety of prizes from co-working space to the chance to pitch at various events.

“You’re really getting…the whole nine yards in three days.”

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