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Family hopes for 'closure' six months after fatal Calgary double hit-and-run

Nearly six months after she died, Wong Shuk Yee's bed remains perfectly made, with the corners "hospital crisp."

It's likely the meticulous 56-year-old ensured everything in her room was in neat order moments before heading off to work the morning of Feb. 20, according to niece Flora Stephenson.

It was that day she was run over not once, but twice in the intersection of Sandstone Drive and Berkshire Blvd.

One driver alleged to have hit her, Steven Vanasse, turned himself into police and was charged. The other remains at large.

"We want to get some closure," Stephenson said, adding Wong's room in her Sandstone home has remained untouched all these months later. "I think, by stepping forward, they (the driver) will have an easier time, too. I don't know how somebody can sleep at night knowing that they were involved."

Police have determined Wong was struck first by a Ford Taurus, alleged to be driven by Vanasse, around 7 a.m. and then moments later by a dark-coloured sedan.

In the days immediately following the collision, police investigators installed digital signs near the intersection urging other witnesses to come forward, went door-to-door in the neighbourhood and even recorded a radio spot in Mandarin to appeal to non-English speaking residents in the Sandstone area.

"We worked really for hard for the first two weeks, really, trying everything think to try and have someone come forward," said Sgt. Colin Foster.

Now, a half-year later, Foster said he "won't give up hope," the second driver will come forward, adding it's not certain they would face charges in the incident.

"It is quite feasible that they figured they struck some road debris or that their view of what was lying on the road, which was obviously Mrs. Wong, was obscured by the first vehicle," he said.

Stephenson said Wong's family is working through the healing process said life will never be the same.

"Certainly, I cannot cross the road unless all the cars have stopped," she said. "It's sad, but it's the reality."

High-profile case

  • Wong Shuk Yee died in the middle of the street , comforted only by Tonja Beach, who lived along the street and later openly criticized other witnesses that stood by and watched. The tragedy sparked national headlines as people questioned whether there was any compassion left in society.

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