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University of Calgary running a 'very tight ship': Minister

Talk of trimming enrolment and eliminating low or no enrolment programs at the University of Calgary are simply examples of "prudent management," according to Alberta's post-secondary minister.

Thomas Lukaszuk also said he's been presented with a solid plan from senior officials at the U of C to combat a budget gap that will soar to $113 million over the next four years after the Tory government slashed operating grants in its March budget.

"Looking forward, as of this budget, the University of Calgary is in a very fine financial situation," Lukaszuk said. "They are running what I would consider to be a very tight ship and they need to be commended for it."

Last week, Metro first reported details of a plan at the U of C to eliminate 19 programs that had seen little enrolment in recent years. Some of the programs also overlapped with similar offerings in other faculties.

But officials said those cuts as well as a 200-student enrolment reduction in the Faculty of Arts were already planned ahead of the budget.

Dru Marshall, the U of C's provost, said in a statement last week that further details on the institution's plan to trim costs and generate additional revenue will be revealed during a series of town-hall meetings in October.

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