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Police investigate ‘hate-biased’ vandalism against Calgary landlord

A Calgary man originally from Nigeria says he’s still reeling from racial slurs he discovered written on the walls and burned into the carpet of his vandalized house after tenants he planned to evict suddenly disappeared.

“Yesterday, I cried until I slept,” said the man, whom Metro has agreed to identify only as Paul, as he has concerns for his safety.

Scrawled in permanent marker across the walls of his northeast rental property are numerous racial slurs and sexualized drawings, which Paul said are clearly directed toward him.

“They wrote my name there,” he said, pointing to one part of the graffiti.

Elsewhere on the walls were crudely drawn swastikas and the words “White Power” and “KKK.”

Staff Sgt. Jim Leung said Calgary police officers who specialize in “hate-biased crime” are investigating the incident, and the main suspects are the previous tenants.

“These two renters, both 24 or 25 years of age, are suspects in this case because we have to draw an inference that when they moved out, they were the instigators of the hate bias,” Leung said. “We’re going to do our best to try and locate these two.”

Paul said his property has been vandalized twice in the past but never this badly nor with any racial element to the crime.

Doors were ripped off the hinges, dozens of holes were punched or cut into the walls, and garbage was strewn everywhere. Paul estimated the damage to be at least $5,000 and said he can’t afford to repair it immediately.

“I don’t know what I’ll do,” he said. “That’s a big question.”

Since coming to Canada in 2001, Paul added, this is the first instance of racism he has experienced.

“It hasn’t really set in,” he said. “I’m still just trying to digest things.”

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