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Election forum gets intimate with Calgary Ward 3 incumbent Jim Stevenson

Ward 3 incumbent Jim Stevenson got up close and personal with voters Thursday night.

Stevenson was the lone participant in a CivicCamp forum in Ward 3.

Though the other candidate did not attend, Stevenson spoke to audience members and answered questions that had been submitted online.

The highlight of the evening was when Stevenson was asked about a living wage policy. After warning his audience of an incoming rant, the incumbent emphatically stated his position.

"The living wage is something that hurts the very people we want to help. It cuts off the lower steps of the economic staircase," Stevenson said.

"Instead of trying to give people a forced amount, what we need to do is teach them the basics of what they can do to create more worth in the marketplace. That's not possible by just saying 'this is the living wage'," said Stevenson.

Later, when asked about releasing his donor list, the Stevenson said he wouldn't.

"I'm going to follow the law," he said.

"My situation is an open book anyways, because you can look at the last 3 elections and see who donated then."

He also expressed concern over the practice itself. "It's a phony sense of security. I'm afraid people get misled when it comes to this," he said.

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