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Mayoral candidate Carter Thomson stocks up on Calgary convenience store support

Convenience store owner and mayoral hopeful Carter Thomson runs out of fingers when counting the shop owners in the Beltline who  support him.

Standing beside a campaign sign displayed at Kalamata Grocery Store,  Thomson rattles off his business friends in the area.

He starts by pointing south to LP Family Foods on 17 Avenue SW and west to Tim's Food Store on 14 St. SW, near his own business, One Way Foods & Deli.

Like a phonebook, he starts listing more business names: Grosvenor Convenience Store, Join Us Convenience Store, and Lang Grocery & Confectionery. Then there’s Taffy's Food Store, Happy Together Food Store, and Hugh’s in Bankview.

There’s also Centre Point Grocery & Deli, Hills Food Store and Glendale Food Store.

The list goes on and on and on.

These are the places where Thomson says he has forged friendships after decades spent cutting his teeth as milkman, deli guy and entrepreneur.

“We help each other out wherever we can,” he said Wednesday.

That means sharing shop supplies or cashing in change on a Sunday afternoon — and, in this case, hanging up campaign posters

At Kalamata, Jim Kokos tosses his pal some praise while working the cash register,

“He’s always been around in the community,” Kokos said. “He’s a good guy.”

Though he’s still a longshot to unseat popular incumbent Naheed Nenshi, the affable grocer pledges to help small business owners, if elected.

"There's a lot of unfair taxation on businesses," he said.

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