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Thousands served on Thanksgiving at the Calgary Drop-In, thanks to Alfred Balm

Those in need gathered at the Calgary Drop-In Centre Monday for the Alfred Balm Day of Thanksgiving.

Three full meals were served by volunteers and staff, but dinner was the big draw: 350 lbs. of turkey, 95 lbs. of potatoes and 70 gallons of gravy.

Dwight Trotter said he's thankful for the Drop-In Centre.

"You might hear on the streets that it's dingy, but it helps a lot of people," he said. "You've got to be thankful for a place that won't turn you away."

Another client, Brian M., said he appreciates the food, especially because he's a celiac.

"They make sure I get a meal," he said.

The dinner was funded by Alfred Balm. Staff member Jordan Hamilton said it's an annual tradition of Balm's to put up $5,000 for the Drop-In to produce three meals.

"Alfred Balm, we have not forgotten you," said Brian.

Volunteers like Pattie Cameron and Taylor LaVonte were in the kitchen, preparing the annual Thanksgiving dinner.

"It's great to see the volunteers out here. All generations of a family," Brian added.

Guest said the Drop-In was busier this Thanksgiving, but not only because of the meals.

"Things are changing," said Brian. "It's tougher to get a bed."

"It's getting busier, and it's getting colder," Trotter added.

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