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Memo advises homebuilder employees which Calgary candidates to vote for

An apparent internal memo from a Calgary development and homebuilding company in which the CEO advises employees how to vote in Monday’s municipal election raised eyebrows Thursday after it leaked into the public realm.

Metro and other local media obtained the five-page document, dated Sept. 27 and addressed to “All Company” from Apex Builder Group CEO Greg Lefebre.

The memo encourages employees to “elect the candidate that will best represents your interests” but adds, “as an organization we have endorsed the candidates as attached to this memo.”

The endorsements include Chris Harper in Ward 1, Joe Magliocca in Ward 2, Jim Stevenson in Ward 3, Sean Chu in Ward 4, Ray Jones in Ward 5, Joe Connelly in Ward 6, Kevin Taylor in Ward 7, Richard Wilkie in Ward 9, Andre Chabot in Ward 10, James Maxim in Ward 11, Shane Keating in Ward 12, Diane Colley-Urquhart in Ward 13 and Peter Demong in Ward 14.

There is no endorsement for Ward 8. The memo also includes an article written by mayoral candidate Jon Lord titled “In Defense of Homebuilders.”

Lefebre did not return a call from Metro Thursday.

Incumbent mayoral candidate Naheed Nenshi said he’s often asked by citizens which candidates are on the “homebuilders slate” he has long alleged exists and welcomed the memo’s appearance.

“It was very, very kind for one of the homebuilders to lay it out for us,” he said. “It’ll help a lot of voters with their decision.”

Nenshi said the endorsements are pretty much in line with what he expected except for Harper in Ward 1.

Harper, who was also recently endorsed by the Calgary and District Labour Council, said he didn’t ask for either endorsement.

“I’m slate-free and will absolutely stay that way,” he said.

The memo in question:

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